Jarualda String Quartet

Welcome to Shropshire's premier string quartet!

Born out of lockdown, we got together to play quartets and loved it so much that we decided to go public with our music!

Find out more about us and our upcoming concerts below and make sure you follow us on social media. If you want to be kept up to date with our music, and the music that we as individuals are involved with, then sign up to receive email updates as well.

This site is work in progress, please bear with us while we bring it together. If you have any comments about what you'd like to see on it let us know!

Check out our beautiful logo - designed for us by the amazing Yvonne Appleby.

Meet the quartet!

Who we are and how we got together. Includes promotion material.

Concert schedule

Find out where, when and what we are playing next.

Contact us

Order tickets, sign up to a mailing list,  make a request for a concert, book us to play, or just share something with us!

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